We offer replacement of burst geysers Replacement of thermostats, vacuum breakers, pressure valves, drip trays, elements, solar panels and anodes We do new geyser installations Solar geyser installations Heat pump installations Relocatin

See below the range of equipment we have to assist you with finding your leak or burst: ACOUSTIC LEAK DETECTION EQUIPMENT - non invasive method of detecting the leak via sound INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING LEAK DETECTION EQUIPMENT - no

Unblocking of all drainage/waste/gutter and storm water drains. We repair all broken drainage lines   ROTARY DRAIN MACHINE Our drain clearing rotary machines can clean pipes from 40mm to 110mm pipelines These machines are used for

We do complete bathroom renovations: Removal of all rubble Installing new pipes Installing new sanitary ware Tiling bathroom Painting and finishing Stop dreaming about your dream bathroom and call us today for your free quote

Drain camera inspection (CCTV drain inspections) now available. Call us to book an appointment on Cell:  0848722758  
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